Official Program

Being a training endorsed by PETER LEVIN’s SETI (Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute), certification as a Somatic Experiencing® professional (Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner) is obtained.

The training at the different levels consists of 2 modules with a duration of 6 days each and is taught in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

In some of the modules, there may be a rest day in the middle of the module.

In addition to official training, we also offer…

Somatic Experiencing formacion

These training actions aim to improve the qualifications, knowledge and skills of people who have been trained as Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP).

Somatic Experiencing supervisiones

Supervisions can be individual orgroup and aim to help Somatic Experiencing® students and / or professionals review and ask about their own cases and patients.